Online Voxelizer

Convert your 3D model or image into voxels in your browser.
All your data is fast and securely processed on your local machine; no downloads or uploads needed.

save as obj

If you want to increase the default maximum number of voxels add '&res=256', '&res=512' etc. to the URL and reload. Increase your browser memory if needed.
Convert images (.gif, .png, .jpg or .bmp) to 3D on the bitmap to vector page.


  • All data is fast and securely processed on your local machine.
  • No plugins or executables installs needed, just a recent browser.
  • Including a 2D layer inspector and complete 2D layer export to .pdf.
  • Adjustable shell thickness.
  • Input .OBJ, .STL, .JPG, .GIF, .PNG and .BMP.
  • Output, .OBJ (triangles or quadrilaterals), .XML, .JSON, .SCAD (OpenSCAD), .QB (Qubicle Voxel Editor), .SCHEMATIC (minecraft), .PY, .VOX, .KVX, .JS, .TS, .PNG, .DAE, Cinema 4D python script, Avorion (sandbox multiplayer game), Blender python script and .STL.

The legolizer might be interesting for you; convert any arbitrary polygon-based 3D model into a 3D LEGO® object.

Software Usage

Free for non-commercial use.


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