Legolizer; Custom Lego Objects

The legolizer software generates an accurate Legolized representation of any 3D model.

A Porsche made of lego, by Lego Certified Professional R. Hoffmeister and A. Al-Rubaie from A basic, mono-coloured lego structure was made using the legolizer. René and his colleague used it as a basis and then fine-tuned it, added the patterns and colouring and, last but not least, built this impressive piece of lego art.

The digital 3D Lego model can be used for 3D animation and/or stills a 3D printed miniature desktop model made from any material or used to build a custom Lego sculpture or a Lego maquette with real Lego bricks.


  • Each lego brick is an individual object.
  • Highly optimized polygon mesh.
  • Any size.
  • output .OBJ, .C4D, .3DS, .STL, .DAE, .LXF (Lego Digital Designer (LDD)), .IO (, .LDR (LDraw file format) etc..

Features especially for your customized real-life lego objects.

  • Adjustable thickness (in lego units).
  • Number of bricks and types known in advance as is the total costs.
  • Lego brick and plates positioning optimized for maximum strength; prefference for overlapping and staggering above stacking.
  • Preference for larger bricks and/or plates; less building time, more strength.
  • (Optional) Internal structure for more strength.
  • Lego brick types which fit your requirements.
  • Layer by layer Lego building instruction.

Download Free 'bricks only' Lego Model

lego object out of lego bricks

Download Free 'bricks and plates' Lego Model

lego object out of lego bricks and lego plates

Lego Building Instruction

The Lego building instruction save you a lot of time. If you are not a highly skilled sculptor you probably have to build the sculpture multiple times without Lego building instruction since it is difficult to come close to the optimal representation of the original 3d model.
Each Lego building instruction layer - an image - shows you the exact place of the Lego bricks so you can build your sculpture in a relative short time layer by layer.

Interactive WebGL LEGO Viewers

Take a look at the interactive WebGL LEGO viewers.


If you want your own 3D model as legolized 3D object send me the object of your choice and additional info like height, bricks only or bricks and plates etc..
You receive a textual listing of the bricks needed including the total brick price and a rendering of the final product.
If you like the product I charge you a price for the lego related files.
The costs depend on your requirements.

infographic lego brick listing
Lego Brick Listing

Lego Bricks & Color

infographic lego brick color mapping
From left to right: Original 3D model, legolized 3D model with unlimited brick colors, legolized 3D model with available brick colors

To reproduce the colors of the original 3D model you can use any color for the lego bricks. This approach works fine as long as the legolized object is virtual, meaning that it can be used for a 3D animation and/or 3D still.

Building a legolized 3D model as a real-life lego object may be a problem. lego bricks are available in a limited range of colors. A 1 x 1 lego brick is available in the following colors: white, bright red, bright blue, bright yellow, black, dark green, brick yellow, bright orange, medium blue, dark stone gray, reddish brown, medium stone gray, bright yellowish green, light purple, bright purple and medium azure. Depending on the lego brick type, there may be more or less colors available in the pick-a-brick lego store.

For a real-life lego model, the colors of the original 3D model must be converted to one of the available colors, which reduces the fidelity compared to original 3D models (see image above).

physics animation still


The bigger the generated 3D lego model, the more accurate it represents your original 3D model. A bigger 3D lego model means more bricks ( read a higher overall brick price ).
If you want to use the 3D lego model for 3D animation or 3D stills the resolution is related to the memory you need. A bigger 3D lego model means more memory.

lego hamburger

Lego & Rigidity

If a real lego object is not rigid enough it will not withstand gravity.
The inside needs to have an internal structure as well to prevent the object from collapsing from under it's weight.

If you want to use the 3D lego model for 3D rigidity is not a problem.


If you have any questions/remarks, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

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