Arjan Westerdiep,
SOJ Palmelaan 84,
9728VB Groningen,
The Netherlands

phone: +31 6 292 779 32

I like to create things, at a technical level (programming) and at a visual level. Apart from my commercial work I enjoy working on my personal projects, which are, most of the time, a combination of technique and artistic expression.
My interests cover a wide range of topics, including programming, the black art behind computer graphics, math, science, painting, drawing, art, mysteries, strange theories, to name a few.

quote Arjan Westerdiep showcases his Flash experiements, sketches, games and lots more at this intricate playground site. The devils are in the details, as you navigate via a jumpsuited, goggle-wearing helper to a host of perfectly formed creations built in a variety of programs, all of which showcase the artist's wideranging skills. quote

The Indepdendant

Prefer email? send your email to arjan@drububu.com.

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