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save as obj
Export as Single Object
file format color voxel size
.obj, .dae, .gif, .jpg, .png, .jfif, .bmp, .webp
.vox, .qb, .kvx, .schematic, .bvx, minecraft.json, avorion
.stl, .binvox, hexahedral
Voxel version of pieta by Michelangelo Buonarroti, rendered in magicavoxel.
Voxel version of pieta by Michelangelo Buonarroti, rendered in magicavoxel.
isometric pixel art
Your voxel model rendered as isometric pixel art.


  • No plugins or executables installs needed, just a recent browser.
  • Including a 2D layer inspector and complete 2D layer export to .pdf.
  • Adjustable shell thickness.
  • Input .OBJ, .BINVOX, .STL, .VOX (MagicaVoxel), .QB, .JPG, .JFIF, .WEBP, .GIF, .PNG and .BMP.
  • Output, image sequence ( a series PNGS images ), .OBJ (triangles or quadrilaterals), hexahedral, .XML, .JSON, .SCAD (OpenSCAD), .QB (Qubicle Voxel Editor), .BVX, MINECRAFT.JSON (minecraft), .GLB (binairy GL Transmission Format), .SCHEMATIC (minecraft), .POV (povray), .PY, .VOX, .KVX, .JS, .TS, .PNG, .DAE, Cinema 4D python script, Avorion (sandbox multiplayer game), Blender python script, isometric pixel art and .STL.
  • Greedy meshing, polygon reduction or mesh optimization if exported as single object.
Greedy Meshing / polyon reduction
Greedy Meshing / polyon reduction.
The left model consists of 33.327 quads, the right, optimized model, consists of 10.067 quads.

The legolizer might be interesting for you; convert any arbitrary polygon-based 3D model into a 3D LEGO® object.

Software Usage

Free for personal non-commercial use.

Offline version

Download offline version for personal non-commercial use only.
You need to run a local webserver to run the application.



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