Online Voxelizer

Convert your 3D model into voxels.
No downloads/uploads needed. All data is fast and securely processed on your local machine.

If you generate a ship for Avorion use the option 'avorion (xml)' and copy the generated .xml file to the appropriate directory.
No need to convert the generated .xml file by a third party converter.

save as obj

File Format Export Options

Miscellaneous Options

If you want to increase the default maximum number of voxels add '?res=256', '?res=512' etc. to the URL and reload.
Use the Cinema 4D or Blender python script if possible; the geometry is instanciated/cloned so the memory usage is minimal.


  • Your 3D model is not uploaded and/or stored on a server; all data is fast and securely processed on your local machine.
  • Unlimited non-commercial usage.
  • No plugins or executables installs needed, just a recent browser.
  • Including a 2D layer inspector.
  • Input .OBJ or .STL.
  • Output, .OBJ (triangles or quadrilaterals), .XML, .JSON, .PY, .JS, .TS, .PNG, .DAE, Cinema 4D python script, Avorion, Blender python script and .STL.


The generated voxel representation is free for non-commercial use.

The legolizer might be interesting for you; convert any arbitrary polygon-based 3D model into a 3D LEGO® object.


If you have a question, remark or suggestion, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

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