Shape packer

The interactive shape packer allows you to create, share or save an image with an endlessly repeated shape of your choice.


  • Your artwork is not uploaded and/or stored on a server; all data is securely processed on your local machine.
  • Unlimited non-commercial usage.
  • Input .SVG.
  • Output .PNG.

shape packing examples


The SVG has a few restrictions for use; no defs, no transforms and no stroke or stroke related properties.
Use Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to modify your SVG if needed.

Word of Advice

A lot of number crunshing need to be done in order to generate the image, so be patient. The application starts slow, the speed will increasing during the process.
Use a small image to get accustomed to the settings. Once you found the right settings use the a bigger version of your image.

Background image

Optional background image.
Image is used to retrieve weight and or color.

Mask image

Optional mask image.
Non-white is used as visible space.


Required svg.

Your browser does not support HTML5


Maximum shape size


use background color
use background
Weight accelaration


save svg
save image


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