Besides a LEGO model a Nanoblock model can be generated aswell.
Nanoblocks are more or less equals to LEGO Bricks, but much smaller; 'micro-sized building blocks' (see video and image below).

LEGO Bricks and Nanoblocks, both models consists of 32 vertically stacked bricks.
nanoblock blueprint layer 16
Nanoblock blueprint layer 16

Download 3D Nanoblocks Model / 3D Printable Lego Model

screenshot cinema 4d nanoblock model


The conversion program is not commercially available. however, if you want your own 3D model as nanoblocks object, please feel free to contact me about the costs. The costs depend on your requirements; size, specific bricks, etc.
If you have any questions/remarks, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

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