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Bitmap Image to 'Pixel Perfect' Vector Conversion

If you want to use your images as vector graphic you need to convert your bitmap image into a resolution independent vector graphic. This process is referred to with several names, such as trace bitmap, raster to vector, vectorize image, pixel to illustrator, bitmap to vector, etc..

  • Input PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP. Output, highly optimized SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).
  • Your image is not stored on a server; all data is processed on your local machine.
  • Unlimited usage.
  • batch convert images to svg.

Drag and drop one or more images (PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP) into the dashed field.

save file as .svg

quote One of the advices you hear in all the discussions about responsive images and images for retina displays is to use vector graphics whenever possible. Arjan Westerdiep created this incredible tool that converts bitmap images to SVG or AI files. This belongs in your toolbox. quote Smashing Daily #52 /

Use the popup version for your convenience.

The HTML5 application on this page converts your bitmap image online into a Scalable Vector Graphics.
The result is a 'pixel perfect' vector graphic file which can be used in Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or any other vector graphics editing program which support the open Scalable Vector Graphics fileformat.

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